Hy-Vee’s 24/7 approach to customer care via social networks

Hy-VeeGreetings, all. We hope you’re full of holiday cheer and merriment. In 2012 we’ve continued to focus on helping our clients with digital media training and education services, and we wanted to share one of those stories with you below.

Challenge: Within the past year Hy-Vee has made significant investments in online customer service, including assembling a team of six individuals solely devoted to helping customers across a variety of digital platforms and social networks. Because each team member possessed diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience, Hy-Vee felt it was critical to bring the entire group up to speed with an advanced training session.

Solution: Lava Row was hired to develop custom curriculum and facilitate the training engagement for Hy-Vee’s support team. The discussion was focused on rapidly-changing customer expectations, industry case studies, response scenarios and establishing an online voice consistent with the company’s legendary “helpful smile” spirit. We worked closely with Hy-Vee’s Customer Service and Social Media Coordinator, Larry Ballard, to build out the training goals and expected outcomes.

“Lava Row did an awesome job of putting us in a comfort zone that empowered our customer care crew to engage shoppers in the digital space and treat social media as a tool to solve problems. Now, customers benefit from the quicker service they expect, and our support team members enjoy the instant gratification that comes from solving problems in real time. Tapping Lava Row’s expertise was the first step in a sea change for Hy-Vee’s approach to customer care.” — Larry Ballard

For more information on Hy-Vee’s dedication to customer service, including a peek inside their new “Customer Care Center,” check out this feature on SupermarketNews.com.

It’s more important than ever to ensure your company’s teams are educated on social business opportunities and empowered to take action. If you’re interested in developing a training session for your group, we’d love to help - please contact us.



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