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Google’s social network finally revealed: The Google+ Project

Yesterday Google launched their much-rumored push into the social networking space: The Google+ Project. I was interviewed by ABC5‘s Katie Eastman (video embed below) about the new network and how it stacks up to the main competition – Facebook. Here are

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Youth privacy in the age of social media

Above is a presentation I gave last week at the American Library Association‘s youth privacy summit in Chicago. I addressed how teenagers are currently using social and mobile technology and their varying views of what privacy actually means to them.

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Three creative uses of QR codes

Over the last year or so, we’ve seen increased integration of QR codes in traditional and digital marketing campaigns in the U.S. and even on a local level. You might commonly see QR codes in your local newspaper, on print

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A few thoughts on the iPhone 4

After three years of desperately clinging to the 4GB first generation iPhone like some old curmudgeon, I finally upgraded to the 32GB iPhone 4 this weekend. I used it to records some of my initial thoughts on video (above). The things

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Would you buy another iPhone?

The Lava Row FlipCam came out from the depths of our office to make an appearance at last week’s Des Moines Tweetup at el Bait Shop. Apple held an iPhone 4 press conference earlier that day, offering up an apology

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