Why improve your company’s digital fitness?

Norah Carroll leads a social media crisis communications session.

Norah Carroll leads a crisis communications session.

Your communications department has already invested time, manpower and money in the digital media space.

But does the HR team know how to extract business value from social networks? Is your customer support staff empowered to rapidly solve problems online? Are your executives up to date on the disruptive nature of all things digital?

Knowledge shouldn’t be confined to one department.
It’s time to get everyone on the front lines.

The Lava Row University education program is built for organizations ready to increase their digital IQ across additional layers and facets of the company. Our curriculum equips your team members with the knowledge necessary to understand how digital media impacts their area of business, your industry and your bottom line. When your organization has multiple team members educated, trained and empowered instead of just one or two, you’ll build a strong foundation to prepare for and withstand a rapidly shifting landscape.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our process, how we customize the curriculum to your company’s needs, and pricing details.

Nathan T. Wright leads a training session at the Independent College Bookstore Association's annual conference.
Above: Nathan T. Wright leads a training session at the Independent College Bookstore Association’s annual conference.

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